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Raw Food Testimonials


The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance -- the idea that anything is possible.

RAY BRADBURY, Los Angeles Times, Aug. 9, 1976

 Often through life, we learn through experience and others sharing experiences with us. Many refuse to acknowledge raw food as a great diet because there is "no study".  So experience is pretty much all raw food supporters (fanatics) have. Big pet food companies are not going to pay for studies that might hurt their bottom line. And we all know a lot of studies are rigged anyway. As usual, money controls what is done in the world.


Experience can teach a lot. This page is so important as it is dedicated to showing how the raw diet has benefited many cats. If you would like to add a testimonial about how raw food has improved your Sphynx's life, I would be happy to add it.  If you have any  questions about raw, please email me at citizenkat@rocketmail.com.


This is one of the best things you can do to improve your cat's health and well being and for that, I am willing to spend my time helping people make the switch.


  We want to change the world, one household at a time, to raw


Stacie Cherubini ~ Owned by Hunter, Hunter was adopted through a wonderful rescue.

My Sphynx, Hunter came to me with digestive issues and skin problems.  He was constantly sneezing and getting eye build up.  He was on a very expensive prescription diet of both dry and wet food.  I reached out to a well versed Sphynx breeder for help in switching Hunter over to a raw diet.  It was easy to find the ingredients I needed and since switching him over, his digestion has improved, his skin is nowhere near as red as it used to be and he's been sneezing much less.  His poop - now it absolutely looks like it's supposed to based on pictures I've looked up. (That sounds strange that I've been Googling "cat poop")  I'm so impressed by how much he has improved!  In case I thought it was all in my head, I asked a few family members to weigh in and they all agreed that Hunter seems like a healthier, brighter kitty thanks to his raw diet." I honestly feel like "switch your cat to raw" is the answer to half of everyone's problems!


April Bell ~ Owned by Sophia & Simon

Our breeder fed her cats raw, told us all the health benefits of feeding raw, so my husband and I figured we would continue the raw diet.  The first time we made raw food with our new grinder was time consuming and kind of gross.  It made us both question our decision but our breeder told us it was best so surely she had to be right. 

Then we took our cats, Simon and Sophia, to their new veterinarian for their first visit.  She seemed horrified we were feeding raw.  She talked about salmonella poisoning and said there was not enough research to support raw feeding.  She recommended an expensive, premium brand of wet and dry food instead.  We thought she is a doctor,  so she must know what is best.

We started the recommended dry & canned food.  Then, we went back to the vet a few weeks later because Simon now had diarrhea regularly.  The vet said it may be from bacteria left over from feeding raw so she did blood work, took a stool sample and gave him an antibiotic.  Nothing changed so we went back again.  This time she recommended another food brand and probiotics to sprinkle on his food.  He still continued to have loose stool so we went back again.  More tests were done and yet another food change but still no answers.  She said we could do more intrusive, expensive tests but she thought "he just had a bad GI tract".  He otherwise seemed happy and healthy so we believed her. 

Around the same time, we saw our breeder at an HCM clinic and she touched Sophia and said her skin changed.  Sophia was an award winning show cat before she came to our home and she had always bragged about Sophia's soft skin.  She made a comment about how she could tell we were no longer feeding raw.  I avoided what she said since I did not want to admit it.  I did not think her skin seemed any different, especially since she was so much softer than Simon.  I could tell them apart with my eyes closed based on their skin differences.  Simon's skin was rough and Sophia's was smooth. 

Fast forward to a couple years later.  Simon almost always had loose stool.  Sophia spent a lot of her time sleeping.  We started thinking of changing their food again and even considered raw.  Then, we heard about raw food trial a local pet food company was conducting.  We figured why not try it again since it couldn't possibly make things any worse for Simon. 

Within a month of feeding raw, Simon no longer had diarrhea.  Then one night as I was sleeping, one of the cats climbed on top of me.  I felt to figure out which cat it was and based on the soft skin, I thought it was Sophia.  I was shocked when my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw it was Simon.  His skin was now just as silky smooth as Sophia's.  Sophia is more active and playful.  Even a few friends and family members commented on how they see her more now when they visit compared to before she would be somewhere sleeping.  Their bloodwork & urinalysis came back with amazing results. Sophia was diagnosed with HCM and her blood work and heart function has improved since being on the raw diet. The cardiologist was quite happy with her last results.  I am still amazed by all of the improvements we have seen in our cats since feeding them raw food.  They will NOT EVER go back to kibble or canned food again!

Missy C. ~ Owned by Yoda & Leia 

I just wish everyone knew how little time it actually takes to make the homemade raw diet! Chris and I both work 40+ hours a week and just built a new house and like everyone else, have a million and one things going on and trust me, it is do-able. From start to finish (packaging it taking the longest) we are talking 2-3 hours. We take one day and set aside the time and we have food for about 1.5 months. The cost isn't a problem either, and we have even started buying better quality, grain fed, hormone free meat. There is an upfront expense of the grinder but we use it for ourselves also. Our vet, who also feeds raw to her dogs and cats, has commented several times on how great our cats skin is compared to other Sphynx that she has seen. SOOOO...in conclusion, 3 hours of time every 1.5 months is not a lot to make the healthiest food available for our babies!


Lettie S ~ Owned By Addie & Maeva

Addie & Maeva were on a processed diet at first. One of them started showing signs she had an allergy to something in the food. I decided to start making their raw food at home. They're alert, energetic & happy! The vet they go to doesn't promote the raw diet, but she loves the fact they are perfectly healthy in her opinion. Bright white teeth, soft skin, & perfect body weight. Also, The girls always travel on long road trips with us a lot & feeding a fresh raw food has yet to interfere like I thought it would!


Marissa H ~  Owned by Petunia & Rosie

I had never used a meat grinder before this and I found that it was no problem and expect it should last a long time since it only needs to work once a month.  I have a butcher close to me where I go to get the different meats. By the way, I am a vegetarian but grew up eating all types of meats.  I changed to being vegetarian (very slowly over several years - first I cut back to fish and turkey only and then I went all the way and am learning a lot about tofu and fresh herbs that I now grow on the balcony) for the health benefits and I completely understand that the cats need all meat for their health benefits.  I have never seen healthier cats, they are so calm, content, and smart - they are impressive and a gift to have in my life.



Julianna T.~ Owned by Nira, Gracie & Hope

When I first went to see my kitten my breeder informed me about the “Raw Diet.” She told me how good it was and how simple it was to make. “Did she just say make?” I thought. Yes she did!  She went over everything I needed to know about it and later that night I did research of my own. I couldn’t believe how many people were doing this and how much everyone loved it! I couldn’t find one negative thing about it! I was also aware of all the pet food recalls throughout the years and after reading what REALLY went in our animal’s food my decision was ultimately made. My kitten (Nira) started out eating only raw and by the time she was ready to come home I was all for it.

There was one incident where I had to feed them canned wet food and I couldn’t believe the difference in them! They both had no energy, slept all the time, and their poop smelled awful! Once back on the raw I immediately saw a difference. They played all day and night, their coats looked great and you couldn’t even tell my house had two litter boxes! Nira and Gracie love their food and I’m very happy knowing what’s actually in their diet.  I recommend the raw diet to everyone and anyone! Also, do your research about how pet food is really made……this will influence you a lot!