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 Sphynx HCM Breeder Cat Kitten

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Please take the time to read this article... it is long, however, you will be glad you did! 


ADOPTION PROCESS: All kittens are carefully placed into loving, responsible homes. If you are interested in purchasing a kitten or cat, please email me and then I will set up a time to have a phone conversation with you. I feel it is best that we get to know each other before I place a cat/kitten in a home.  We prefer to place locally, but we will consider great homes further away.  We do encourage you to be on our waiting list as we have few litters a year. If there is a serious interest or a deposit is accepted, then we can arrange for a home visit.

PRICE: Citizenkat pet Sphynx kittens are $1625 (The kitten will be vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered) We do not charge according to color or eye color.  We do not offer discounts or bargains unless we have a special needs cat or a retired breeder.  We also do not barter for goods or services (ie website design, etc)

WHEN:  Kitten is expected to go home within one week after "go-home" date. Pet kittens are placed in their new homes at 12-14 weeks. A lot of people know that puppies can be placed ethically at 8 weeks. This is not true of cats. Cats should not be placed until they are at least 12 weeks old.  Kittens sent home earlier are not developed enough nor have they had their 12 week vaccine.  Placement varies depending on development which varies by litter and even by individual kittens in the litter.

SHIPPING: If you are far away, you can physically fly here (Philadelphia or Trenton Airport) and pick up your cat in person. Then your new kitten will ride with you under the seat on the flight back. We do NOT ship in cargo as we believe our babies are precious and deserve royal treatment. We believe that kittens should not be sent in cargo because they will be scared,  sitting in the belly of a plane and around other various animals. There have been incidents where pets have been injured or killed flying in cargo. It can be time consuming to do this, but your new baby is worth it.

We will fly your kitten to you for the cost of the airline ticket and additional fee. Please email for details about that.

Read this sad, heartbreaking news story about a death in shipping in cargo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1357569/Airline-offers-paltry-300-loss-owners-prized-hairless-kitten.html

DEPOSIT INFO: A non-refundable deposit of $525 is required to hold the cat. We do not take deposits before kittens are born. Deposits must be received within 5 business days after decision. This deposit shows a serious interest in the kitten and I am also then required not to place the cat with anyone else and I send potential pet buyers elsewhere for their kittens.

VISITATION / PHOTOS: We welcome all pet adopters to come visit often to see their babies grow up. Some breeders do not allow this for a variety of bogus reasons. If you are not local or cannot make many visits, you will be sent photos and videos about once a week of your kitten so you will get to see your new baby grow up.

BUT THERE ARE OTHER PLACES THAT OFFER KITTENS FOR LESS! WHY THE PRICE?  Citizenkat is different than most! While this may seem like a lot of money... it is worth it.  And usually, you get what you pay for.


From our bed to yours!!!!! Citizenkat kittens are raised with us in our bedroom or living room- they are well socialized and trained to be great pets. They learn how to use the scratching post, my friends come over once a week to see them so they get used to strangers. I vacuum once a day so they get used to loud noises. They are taken for car rides to ensure they learn how to travel ok. The kittens have tons of human contact and I raise 1-2 litter at a time so they get all the attention they need and deserve.  These babies will be the new loves of your life! My kittens are super affectionate, will want to be around you all the time and most will be at the door greeting strangers.


As all kittens should be, they are microchipped, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated.


We are tested FIV and Feline Leukemia free, our adults are periodically PCR tested for infectious diseases to ensure we have a healthy disease-free cattery.


Written Contract - Citizenkat kittens come with a 2 year genetic guarantee and are seen by the vet several times before you adopt your selected kitten.  We will replace your kitten if FIP, many breeders do not. Ask before you purchase your kitten.


Show cats-The parents of your kitten is from Supreme Grand Champion, Grand Champion, Regional Winning Cats. Even though your kitten was not selected to be in a show/breeding program, our kittens are still beautiful and even most the ones that go as pets could be shown. I show because we care a great deal about ensuring our cats are the best in every aspect. Breeders who do not show on a regular basis probably do not have cats that meet the Sphynx standard and are often not as educated and well versed as those that do.


I am a TICA Sphynx Breed Section member and a voting breed member of CCA (Canadian Cat Association) I've been showing/breeding Sphynx since 2003).


All breeding cats have their hearts scanned by a board certified cardiologist yearly. Scans for a board certified cardiologist can be pricey ($200-$800). 


All breeders are DNA tested to ensure they are not carrying for certain diseases. (Color, disease profiles). 


I keep less than 8 adult breeding cats at any given time so they get the love and attention they deserve.  My males are altered by the time they are 3 so they get to live the life of a loved pet. My males run around each evening supervised with their stud pants on. If someone has a separate facility or "cattery" where cats are not living with the people of the house, it is a highly suspect practice - no matter how big or how clean.


When I place my kittens, I want to hear about them as often as you like to tell me. I always want contact and I am willing to offer any assistance with anything you may need with your cat. So, you have my support always!   This is priceless.  


I try to lead by example. I only work with other breeders who have similar ethics and guidelines to mine. This means I will not purchase a cat from a cattery that has poor conditions or breeding practices. I do not want to support or contribute to any inhumane treatment of animals. I hope you chose to do the same!    I also do not support any exploitation where Sphynx are illegally outcrosses to other breeds to create new breeds. Neither CFA or TICA support them and neither do I. The Elves, Dwelves and Bambinos are not recognized by any association, so any claims that they are - they are false.  

*You cannot assume you will get this somewhere else. Some catteries have every color, claim to have "rare" colors, or lots of litters and cheap kittens. I have heard of breeders with over 30 to 50 cats. Some of them are smart and just have 4-5 cats on their website and really have a lot more. Check out any breeder well! Go to their house and see how all their cats live.  I have no idea how those cats can possibly be socialized and loved! If you purchasing from them,  it is helping keep a kitten mill sustained. Plus, it is not likely your kitten will have been socialized properly and may not be healthy. If I am not local enough for you, or you cannot wait to get a kitten, or I do not have kittens available - I will gladly refer you to someone reputable who you will get a fantastic kitten from. You WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!  


This is great news! First, you must check and see if the breeder uses board certified cardiologists. There are a few breeders that scan just at their (non board certified) vet's office and will NOT tell you unless you ask. My regular vet would not even offer and/or refuse to scan a cat because he acknowledges that he is not skilled enough to do it. It is not ethical for a non-board certified vet to scan a cat for HCM as the results may be incorrect either way. I have heard of (non-board certified aka regular) vets diagnosing cats with HCM, then when taken to the cardiologist they do not have HCM and vice versa) The board certified cardiologist go to school for an extra 3 years and there is a VERY good reason for this. The heart is very complex.

Please read my article here to learn more:   Citizenkat HCM Article

                                                          Citizenkat Sphynx Scans for HCM


I WANT TO BREED! Imagine you are going off to college - this is the amount of information you will need to learn to breed responsibly and ethically.

We will be happy to assist you, but all new breeders working with us must show an altered Sphynx first before we will consider placing a whole cat. Breeding is a time consuming and requires a ton of learning and relationships need to be developed. We firmly believe all responsible/ethical breeders have a responsibility to show a minimum of 4 times a year. It is best to get an alter to ensure the Sphynx breed is for you and you enjoy showing! This way you get to meet other breeders, learn about genetics, pedigrees and the standards and eventually be able to select the best cat for your program.  If you do get a show alter from us, and it works out mutually, we will place another kitten with you for the pet cost, not the breeder cost. You might think it is time wasted, but going into something more prepared and slowly is the best way and is actually time saved! 

Please see "Finding a Reputable Breeder" on my website and also "Sphynx FAQs"

PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY hairless cats recognized by TICA are Sphynx and Peterbalds. Any other type of hairless cat is not a recognized breed.


Updated: October 4,  2017: I do have a waiting list. Please contact me for more information to be added to the waiting list or recommendations for other breeders that may have kittens.

Reminder!!!  All KITTENS ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED prior to placement.

"What Color is My Sphynx" Page


If you wish to be placed on the waiting list,

Please COPY AND PASTE the QUESTIONNAIRE on this page below. This questionnaire is helps both myself and the pet buyer. It  determine how much education you need from me and gives me details to help place the best possible kitten for your home.






AVAILABLE: Cream & White Sphynx female kitten $1625

Black and white male, 6 months old $1325; placing to keep numbers down and I am going to use his uncle instead!








Below are F3 Sphynx furry outcross kittens.

A BIT ABOUT OUTCROSSING: Many that are familiar with dogs question this practice. However, both major associations, TICA and CFA, in the United States approve outcrossing for some of the breeds. This is done to improve the genetic diversity of the line and hopefully improve health. When doing permissible outcrossing, we are not trying to create a new look or breed but add new genetics and bring the look back within 2-3 generations. This is quite different than creating a designer breed that is not approved (ie Elf, dwelf, bambino, etc) and will not ever be approved by the associations. 

Here, we use domestic cats as outcrosses. We only use ones that have great health and temperament. They are heart screened and DNA tested for all genetic diseases that have tests. Temperament is very genetic, so it is a key deciding factor. Kerri Kitty is the foundation cat for this outcross line and everyone who comes to our house gets to meet her. I call her the ambassador because she demands pets from everyone who comes to visit.  

While we adore Devons, we do not feel the Devons are truly an outcross that promotes health as they are already in the Sphynx background. American Shorthairs are another permissible outcross. They are a generally healthy and hearty breed and we might consider using them in the future.


They are just as loving and affectionate as their bald counterparts!

If you love the Sphynx  personality but prefer fur, these kittens are for you! Or if you need a companion for your Sphynx, these are purrfect. When you adopt an outcross Sphynx kitten, not only are you getting a wonderful companion for life, you are helping breeders like me continue to do work in order to keep the breed healthy and robust.

They are available for a fraction of the cost. Males are $325 and females are $375.

There are 2 Furries in this litter and 2 of them are available.




Please copy and paste the questionnaire below to   citizenkat@rocketmail.com 




Our outcross program is done with temperament and personality in mind. With this being a priority in our breeding program, our furry kittens are as friendly and affectionate as the bald kittens. The price for furry aka fully coated female kittens is $375, fully coated males are $325 (neuters are less expensive). This fee includes spay/neuter, microchip and vaccines. This is a great way to add a companion to your home that has the Sphynx personality if you prefer the fur.

Adult adoption fees for furry outcrosses range from $145-250

To reserve one, a completed application, phone interview and then a deposit is required.

To read more about outcrossing: Click Here

I do have one retired breeder FULL COATED outcross available. We LOVE Scarlett (aka Bear) however she dislikes all other cats.

She needs a home with only 1-2 other cats, (preferably male) and an adult only home.


Scarlett is amazingly friendly and will be a delight for anyone who adopts her. SHE LOVES people!!!!  Her current hobbies are sleeping on my pillow and head butts. She also makes a good show cat too if you are interested in the HHP class. She was best in show at her last show.

HCM scanned normal in the past year as well. She is a good traveler and good for brushing and baths.

Sphynx outcross


see above for outcross kittens available  ^^




Retired Breeders Available / Older Kittens

Retired breeders make wonderful pets still as they are still as playful as the kittens!

Occasionally retired breeders will be available to approved homes. As a breeder, I cannot keep all cats and they need to find that special forever home. Unfortunately some people believe that breeders just "throw away" their retired cats. For me, placing retired cats is one of the hardest things I have to do as a breeder. I loved them for several years and they are truly my pets and forever in my heart. Cats do well in smaller numbers and to continue breeding these beautiful cats... it is best that I rehome some of them. 

 For this reason, retired breeders will only go to very special homes and those who have adopted from us before get priority for retired breeders. Priority also goes to raw feeding homes as my cats have been fed raw all their lives.  Another requirement is that at least two times, unless otherwise noted, I will pay to have the cat scanned at my cardiologist (and only my cardiologist). This means you have to drive to Towson Maryland or drive the cat back to my home. You are also required to give 6 month updates with photos.

Retired breeding cats are usually about $800-900 and include neuter or spay, microchip, previously HCM scanned, and a current dental.


Please email me for information on retirees. Usually my retirees have homes months before they are actually placed.



Please contact me for more information



Please complete application below and contact me for further details

IMPORTANT: We care about the health and future of our cats, so there is a requirement that these retired adults be available for HCM scanning in the future at least once a year. The scan is a simple, 10 minute exam on an ultrasound machine that is non-invasive and will be of no cost to you.




1.) Interested in cat/kitten?

2.) Please COPY and PASTE this questionnaire into an email.

3.) Complete all the questions and EMAIL to Citizenkat@rocketmail.com

4.) If you do not hear from me in 72 hours, resend inquiry again. Sometimes emails get lost or put in junk mail.


This questionnaire is designed to help get a base knowledge of what your interests are and your household so I can help you select the best possible match for your home.  

First Name:

Last Name:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

City, State you reside in:

Are you willing to come pick up your cat in person?

(Reminder, I am in Philadelphia, PA and I do not ship under any circumstances). However, I will deliver your kitten to you in cabin for a airfare plus a fee.


Marital Status:

Do you have children in the home? If so, what are their ages and M/F:

Please tell me your age range:

Under 18, 18-23, 24-30, 31-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 or older


Preferred Age (kitten, young adult, retired breeder):

Preferred Sex: (Please note: Neutered males do not usually spray!)

Color Preferences: (While it is nice to get the color you want, it is better to have several options of color that you like.)

Personality Preferences: (Are you ready for a very active, in-your face cat that demands a lot of attention and wants to be with you all the time?)

Have you or anyone in your house ever had allergies? If so what kind?: (While Sphynx can be tolerated by many with allergies, it does not work for everyone and a home visit is required.)

Timeframe You Expect to Adopt Sphynx:

Why are you interested in adopting a Sphynx?

Do you have previous experience with cats?

Have you had any prior experience with the Sphynx, and if so, what kind?

Do you have any other pets? If so, what (cat, dog, rodent, reptile) and what breed? How long? What are their personalities like?

Do you believe you have the time required to acclimate your pet into your home? Each cat varies in how long it takes to acclimate, some take about a week but some can take up to 6 weeks.


Do you know that a good amount of Sphynx have a bit of fuzz on their ears and tails?

Are you willing to do regular weekly 20 minute maintenance to bathe, clip nails and clean ears?

Are you willing to remain in contact with the breeder about the health and well-being of the cat?


Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter? If so, why?

If you have cats, do you let them outside and under what circumstances?

If you have/had cats, are they declawed?

Do you plan to declaw your cats/kitten?


Do you rent or own your home?

If you rent, are their requirements in your lease?

If you rent, are you willing to ensure you move to a pet friendly rental place if you move?


Are you willing to take your cat to the vet yearly for a health exam and do periodic dental cleanings?

Do you think you would be willing to pay $20 a month for pet insurance?

What are you planning on feeding your kitten/cat?

What kind of litter boxes are you planning on using, how many and are you ok with them being located in several locations?

What kind of purchases are you willing to make to keep your cat happy?

(Beds, cat trees, toys etc)

What do you plan to do with your cat when you go on vacation?


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