Safram Not For Sure of Citizenkat


Shirley is a wonderful, special gift from Sandy Adler of Safram Sphynx- Sandy is currently the longest running Sphynx breeder in the world and has been breeding Sphynx since the beginning - about 25 years ago! Shirley is a duplicate of her mom in personality and looks. We love her! Shirley comes from a long line of health and beauty and the best temperaments -  which we look forward to continuing in our program. 

Sire: A Oriental Child Picasso    Dam: Safram SueShe of Citizenkat

Blue Torbie Mink and White

Blood Type A,    Scanned by Board Certified Cardiologist "Normal" 05-02-2010 (Click here to see)



Shirley Sphynx Breeder    Shirley Sphynx Female Breeder    Shirley Sphynx Breeder 


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